Lisa Ricci
who remembers you (the photographer’s presence)
mixed media
Who defines the moments to be remembered and how are we represented in them? Family snapshots become eerie when the photographer’s presence is reintroduced as a shadow. The awareness of this manipulation questions the photograph’s subjectivity by author and viewer. What is the photographer’s motivation to choose this particular 1/125 of a second, creating history and defining another’s existence forever? Is this shadow a professional or parent? Am I, the artist, inserting myself into their lives? Or is the portrait a reflection of the viewer, interpreting the image through his or her own experiences and photographs?

This installation includes thirty-seven frames, family snapshots, wallpaper, and molding to simulate a living space devoted to the collection of a personal history. About 90% of the photographs are digitally manipulated so that the same object is present in each image: the photographer has been inserted into the frame as a shadow. Dimensions variable, this installation in Boston, MA is estimated 8 feet high by 16 feet across.
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