Lisa Ricci
Nathan Bahens 1938Lake St Mary from the launch also a good picture of your hatGeorge Klein and L Larson from Mrs. M Klein to Mrs Lizzie MartleMaggio 1961Dick & JaneHere are two little pictures for you072Fthis is my birthday cake 1954Before he entered the Navy$3Cute!Gene & Me at our 2B Soph Hop May 8, 1953Franny & Anne Sept 13, 1952Who is the guy on the left?Elizabeth Rockefeller Lenskekelitly - Camp Shelly Miss. May 1941Chan Yee Tat & Chan Yee Lai/Albert & EllaBrenda CookHe's so handsome!Untitled (oval)1927Helen
This series is a collection of drawings of found snapshots that reference "trompe l'oeil", a technique common to historical painting in which objects are rendered in life-like detail. In addition to portraying the photograph's image, the paper's edge, scratches, mold, shadows and mounting corners are drawn in graphite as well. The actual photograph is then attached to the paper facedown next to the drawing, so that only the writing on the reverse is visible. The viewer must trust that my drawing is exactly as it appears in the photograph, without manipulation or interpretation. Likewise, when we look at a photograph's caption or text, we assume it's the truth, even if written by an anonymous hand.