Lisa Ricci
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kids in the scene
This work involves searching the Internet for blogs and images posted by teenagers. Taken at parties with digital cameras and cell phones, these jpgs become reference and inspiration for my drawings. I enjoy taking the virtual, public snapshot and transforming it into a delicate pencil drawing or miniature watercolor…a private portrait or carte de visite that is no longer noble or demure.

As a generation under the influence of multi-tasking, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Reality TV, there is no hesitation in documenting bad behavior and posting it on the World Wide Web, literally “under their parents’ nose”. I am drawn to images of teens trying to do it all: smoking, lighting cigarettes, drinking or holding multiple beverages, talking on the cell pone, text messaging, laughing with friends, making out, posing. Like their "multislacking" idol, Paris Hilton, they are overachievers at nothing, but look fabulous doing it.

Many images seem to replicate common advertising campaigns and poses, fulfilling the promise of fun, desire and sex with no responsibility or regret. The photography is proof that the experience was real, that happiness—however fleeting—was achieved. They are marketing their own identity with photography, but at the same time have no privacy or ownership of the images they produce.